Kristi Morris

Makeup Artist

"I am passionate about human canvas! I love transforming ideas into reality."


Kristi Morris is the creator and founding partner of ELE’trifying Lengths. A Texas native, Kristi was interested in fashion from a young age and always knew she wanted to be her own boss and one day create a company that would empower women. It was when she was working in a corporate job that she found the inspiration and gained the skills necessary to make it happen.

Kristi attended cosmetology school in Gainesville, TX, and was inspired by her mentor and teacher, Ella Baldree, who encouraged her to pursue a career with her eye for style. Ella influenced her with her “Everybody Love Everybody” attitude. Ella’s passing in 2008 inspired Kristi to name the brand ELE’trifying lengths in her memory. Since, the full launch of the brand in 2013. Kristi has partnered with fashion and make-up companies across Austin for fashion shows, photo shoots, product launches and grand opening events.

Kristi believes the time a woman spends getting ready is very precious- this is the moment that it’s all about you. The moment that you have finished putting that last hair extension in, put the finishing touches on with bright red lipstick, should give you nothing less than an electrifying feeling of glamour when you look into the mirror.

In her free time, Kristi enjoys exploring the sights of Austin with her dog, Lady and taking time out of her schedule to enjoy anything Austin.


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