Jason Zentner

Director, Co-Writer
Special FX Supervisor
Story Board Artist, Concept Artist

"When I was eight, I saw An American Werewolf In London for the first time. I spent the next month running around the house howling and growling at everyone and everything. It was then that I had a good idea that I wanted to make monsters and tell tales of terror as an adult. Now, I get to do that."

I am a make up effects artist based in the Austin area, creating effects for independent filmmakers all over Texas.  My goal is to make the best effect within your budget.  I work with a wide variety of materials to create the most realistic effects, for the best value, and in the fastest time possible. Time is money, isn't it?  I also have at my aid several other make up artists, so if you have a big job, we can make it happen.

"I've been wanting to write and direct for awhile now, and this was a perfect opportunity for me to do that."

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